Connect AWS account

Use the following steps to connect your AWS account with CodeShield.
  1. Go to AWS connect tab in CodeShield Dashboard. You will see an Account ID and External ID automatically generated for you. Don’t close this window.

  2. Open the AWS IAM Console.

  3. Navigate to Roles. Now you can see a page as below. Click on Create role button.

  1. Enter the Account ID and External ID you got from Step 1 and click on Next: Permissions.

  2. Check ReadOnlyAccess in permissions.

  3. Click the Next: Tags button. Adding tags is optional. Click the Next: Review button. Add a role name and click the Create role button.

  4. Copy the Role ARN of the newly created role from the Summary page.

  5. Now, go back to the already opened AWS connect tab in CodeShield Dashboard (Step 1) and paste the Role ARN and provide an account name.

  6. After that, click on the Connect AWS Account button. Now your AWS account is connected with CodeShield.

If the connection was successful, you can see a new tab added with your newly created Account Name.

Otherwise, you will get a notification as below and you can verify the details and try to connect again.

If this error reoccurs, feel free to contact us.

Last modified June 2, 2021