Scan Results

Overview of the expected results of a scan.

The results for each scan can be found by clicking on Result of the respective Scan in Scan History. The Scan History is found under the respetive tab of the connected AWS account.

For each scan, CodeShield shows three entries in the navigation bar.

  • Privilege Escalations: All privilege escalations based on IAM permissions. The escalations are displayed in a matrix that correlates the scenarios to the attack goals.
  • Cloud Model: A graphical representation of the scanned account, it’s resources, and their connectivity, including a hierarchical representation of VPCs and subnets.
  • Resource Inventory: A list of all resources within the account. Properties and details of all resources, i.e., roles, policies, compute and identity resources, and their relations, can be inspected.

Walkthrough on DVSA

A full walkthrough of CodeShield’s feature set based on an example open-source application.

Last modified September 23, 2022