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Browsing Resources

There are two types of resources:

  1. Visible resources: These are resources that establish as nodes of the cloud model.
  2. Virtual resources: Resources that are not represented as nodes in the cloud model, but are still present in your environment. Information from these resources are used to compute edges and connectivity within the model.

Browsing Properties of Resources

The resource list allows the user to inspect all properties of all resources within the scan. The properties include policies attached to the resources, users who own the resources, and much more meta-information. Additionally, the property view within the resource list cross-references other resources of the scan.


Assume a role that is attached to a lambda function. The lambda function has a property role. The value of the property role itself is a resource that the user can navigate to using the () Show in Resource Inventory button.

For quickly accessing the resources within the AWS console, the resources are also linked to the actual resources in the AWS console. The button next to each cloud resource component navigates to the concrete resource within the AWS console.

Incoming Edges & Outgoing Edges

Each resource lists incoming and outgoing relationships within the resource list. This component allows you to quickly browse all incoming and outgoing edges for the selected node in the resource list. The information is a list-based version of the information conveyed within the cloud model view.